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Stained Mask

An interactive installation criticing the Church's opinion on masks during Covid.

It's 2021.

After a year cooped up inside, a cautious freedom bloomed. We ventured out, masks a shield, a constant reminder to stay distant, to keep our neighbors safe. After all, in a world so fragile, every life mattered. Every breath held the weight of caution.

But the church, its pews and stained glass windows, seemed to disagree. The very idea of a mask, a symbol of protection for one another, was met with fervent opposition. It was a curious dissonance - the teachings of love thy neighbor set against this rejection of a simple act of care.

This tension, this clash of values, was interesting, to say the least. I designed this interactive piece to juxtapose the classic beauty of stained glass, a predominant feature of the church, with the utilitarian form of a mask that it now stedfastly opposes.