App | User Experience | Wireframing | Prototyping


A community app to connect nearby pets à la tinder style

Made in collaboration with 2 other Parsons graduates, this app is meant to create a community of pet-owners as a way to connect their pets and also with other pet-owners

There is currently no good way for pet owners to connect with other nearby pet-owners especially in busy cities like NYC where interaction with neighbours is limited.

People need friends to pet-sit a lot of times and their pets need companionship.

We started by making some proto-personas.

We then sketched out our various ideas for the app-screens on paper as a form of rapid prototyping.

Some common thresds we had was giving users personalised options to choose types of pets they'd like to connect with.

We also had the idea to double the app as a photo-sharing and cataloging service for pictures of their pets and to view pictures of others' pets.

Figma was our weapon of choice for this project. We designed 10 pages based on user-testing from our lo-fi prototype We created wireframes for these 10 pages.

We created a user-flow

For its visual design, we went with a paw as logo. We wanted the app to indicate trust, warmth and fun.

We iterated and landed on a warm aqua blue and gold color palette since the colors were reminiscent of a beach and reflected the app's themes.